An intimate look behind the scenes at Coachella for kids

An intimate look behind the scenes at Coachella for kids

  • January 10, 2018
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Each year, tens of thousands of kids gather in a remote region of the Nevada desert. Kidz Fest, a three-day festival that bills itself as a Coachella for the under-eight crowd, is the world's largest event featuring children's entertainment.

This is That's very own Naomi Sniekus travels to Kidz Fest to get a behind the scenes glimpse at how the festival comes together and how it has grown to become the cornerstone of a sophisticated multi-billion dollar industry.

Fifteen-years ago, the founder of Kidz Fest, Lyle Burkette, ran the entire operation by himself.

"When we started it was humble beginnings," Burkette says. "We had a shoe-string budget. I was picking up the talent myself from the airport in my truck, I was running the lighting board, I was doing all of the catering, I was doing the ticketing."

Hard to believe that from those humble beginnings, Kidz Fest has grown into an event that generated an estimated $90 million from ticket sales alone last year. Now, the festival attracts the world's top talent, like The Snoogies, Grandma Banana, and this year's headliner, Pink Eye Pig.


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